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Earth from Space

The days we will be learning about this month

2nd April - Autism Awareness Day

9th April - Unicorn Day

(in celebration of our national animal)

22nd April - Earth Day

23rd April - St George's Day


Some of our activities

This month, as Spring has sprung, we will be learning about looking after our planet by discussing recycling, and planting lots of seeds to grow flowers and vegetables.

We will be doing some bird watching in our rooms, and chatting about all the new baby animals we see in Spring.

Some of our children will also be exploring the topic 'People Who Help Us', and will be looking at job roles such as police officers, paramedics and firefighters.


National Pet Month


April is 'National Pet Month' and we are celebrating our love of our cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits and tortoises.

We have been collecting pictures of our pets and will be chatting about them, the noises they make, what they eat, and how we look after them.

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